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Auckland Hot Wives

What is a Hot Wife?

A woman who has the freedom in her own marriage or relationship to pursue sexual encounters with men other than her husband or partner with or without their participation.

Where do you find a willing guy?

We all know the problem of trying to find those elusive, reliable and genuine guys for our fun, the Internet is full of wannabe suiters all proudly boasting their prowess. Quickly you will find that most are desperate guys that can't get their own partner (for obvious reasons) or dissatisfied unfaithful husbands whose wives don't understand them! There are some genuine guys out there that enjoy the freedom of the lifestyle and also some husbands that are encouraged to play away while she watches, but they are rare and hard to find.

Where to meet?

Of course then finding a suitable venue to meet up and check them out gives you another problem. Public places are safe and secure but you can't talk in any great detail unless you're very open and don't mind others over hearing your sexual desires!

Where to play?

So then you've got this far and you're eager to play while the feeling is good. Your place? his place? a squalid motel room? expensive hotel? For your first play date none are good for obvious reasons, they're either too risky or just too expensive.

Auckland Hot Wife Parties

No more trolling the Internet, risky blind dates in public bars then booking expensive hotels only to find the guy is a no show or nothing like you were expecting. Now you have the place to meet, chat to and then play with (if you so desire) some specially selected guys that are reliable, polite and genuine, guys just looking to give you Hot Wives the sexual pleasures you seek.

The private parties cater for both couples and single ladies that wish to meet suitable guys (who are strictly invite only) for sexual pleasure. The ratio of couples to single guys is also controlled to ensure a pleasant experience for all. For this reason we don't allow walk in guests on the day unless by prior arrangement, we have discounted ticket prices for advanced online bookings, please see prices below**.

A Hot Wife couple is defined as a partnership where the male is invited to join the Hot Wife, this is not, repeat NOT where the male gets entry to the party while his female partner sits at the bar and doesn't participate. This is all about Hot Wife fantasy, if you're a guy wanting the pleasures then you need to arrange an invite the same as a regular single guy, we will allow your female partner entry too. We reserve the right to remove you from the party if this is found to be the case. No refund will be given.

** Early Bird Special Offer (if available):
Couples - $50
Guys - $95
Regular price:
Couples - $95
Guys - $100
On the day: Couples - $125 (only available for couples and if agreed in advance)