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Hi Chloe and Carl, Just a very brief note re last Saturday. It was a 'girls' night out' for us; Dinner first then CCK. We had no idea what to expect during your Covid-amended format. Anyway, we were rapt! Loved the separate tables and gorgeous waitresses serving us our cocktails.(Quite a few;....cocktails I mean!) And,surprisingly for me, it was really easy to interact and chat with others at the nearby tables. Made for a more intimate and romantic evening and I'm all for that. I'll say nothing about how things developed later....!! Well done, Carl and Chloe and we'll be back soon.
Regards, Zoe M, Auckland Central 10/09/2020

Zoe M

Hi Carl and Chloe, We were chatting last night at the bar about how fortunate we are to have CCK in Auckland and how with clever kiwi ingenuity, you've managed to keep going despite the challenges of Covid. So, here's a big THANK YOU for last night from your two Tauranga mates. You stated in your news release that your emphasis was on personal health and wellbeing and so it proved to be. We felt totally safe and in control as well as having a ball.(Of course!) So, well done for your creativity in delivering a top night.
Cheers, Linda and Mike, Tauranga

Linda and Mike

We had a great time. Everyone was so welcoming and made us newbies feel that it was ok to take our time, explore and watch. The hands on was great too. Thank you for those who helped us fit in and gave us a night to remember. The environment was safe and professional, allowing us to be very comfortable. really looking forward to our next visit which hopefully wont be far away thanx so much Carl & Chloe
Cheers C & J Auckland 14/08/2020

C & J

Thanks. We had a great night. Your intro & tour was superb, we immediately felt at ease. Going to CCK for the first time was something we had discussed for quite sometime, delayed by lockdown, so I think we were certainly ready as you can be. We went with no expectations and it was amazing to see how a group of polite well dressed mature adults transform into a bunch of near naked eager beavers. We didn't experience everything on offer but certainly had some new experiences and left after 4 hours mentally and physically exhausted ! Didn't sleep very well - so many flashbacks! But a 1am encounter helped things a lot and then the alarm cock went off and we did it again. Yes fond memories indeed. Another midnight encounter last night and juicy discussions.....We see the next date, it's pencilled in the diary...and 99% sure we will be there...will prob confirm that quite soon.
Cheers G&A 11/08/2020


Hi Chloe and Carl I was very nervous coming to the club being the newbie and not ever been in a club scene before, but new I would find my way as this is my lifestyle. I was more than impressed how you run and provide a safe clean, discreet fun place to play. The variety of areas and huge amount of towels , lube , condoms etc is well appreciated. I will be a frequent visitor I am sure. See you next time.
Thanks N Auckland 03/08/20

N Auckland

I had such a wonderful time on Sunday with lots of really fantastic couples and women to have beautiful open-minded adult time with and as usual both of you and your staff were fantastic and you made three hours feel like the most wonderful Time of freedom ! so thank you thank you so much and please hold more of these events because I think the Sunday worked really well with lots of people attending because they were relaxed and it was the middle of the day so everyone had lots of great energy to play.
Best regards MS Auckland 28/07/2020

MS Auckland

Good evening Chloe and Carl, Please let me first say Thank you. Thank you for welcoming us into the club and looking after two newbies who had no real idea what we were up to. You made us feel instantly welcome and made sure that we felt comfortable and happy. We can never thank you enough for just providing a safe clean and respectful place to play and mingle. We came home from this weekend with the most euphoric memories and ultimate appreciation for each other. We are new to this lifestyle and we are just so excited about our next visit. We met some of the most lovely caring and supportive people which made both Saturday and Sunday so enjoyable. I can't wait to make more memories and enjoy the weekend with other like minded people.
J & M 27/07/2020

J & M

Hi Chloe and Carl, Sorry but I've got a 'please explain' for you! How come you keep this gem of a place secret? After Friday night,(wow!) I just wish I'd know about CCK ten years ago: I would have been there every week! Other guests, please tell me via the feedback at, is it normally like this...seriously? I'd like to know. I thought I knew my partner pretty well since we've been together for 11 months but on Friday night I discovered things about her that I'm not sure that she even knew. Mind blowing with two fantasies of mine ticked off on our first visit. As I say, was that just a fluke or do you always have that much fun?? It's 4 days ago and we're both still sharing flashbacks and hotter nights at home. Thanks,guys, and by the way, lovely venue and cool people!
Cheers, B and L, Hamilton 15/07/20

B and L

Carl, please print this in response to our new friends B & L from Hamilton.... Guys, you ask if it's usual at CCK to have the same sort of grouse night that you enjoyed as a 'newbie' on Friday. The truth I think is that no two nights are the same. We've been pretty much regular visitors for 14 years now and there are sound reasons for why we keep enjoying. Although some nights are boisterous and full on, others are quiet and laid back however no matter how the evening presents, we always have fun. Even if it's only with each other. It's just a sexy place!
My advice to B & L, not that you asked for it, (sorry! ), is bring your happy face, be prepared for anything and try mixing things up a bit by attending some of the special theme nights as well. Make sure you're on the mailing list as well of course.
Anyway, I've rambled on enough. I'll be keen to read others feedback for B & L as I do think it can help our newbies. Thanks, Chloe and Carl.
B & Aj, Herne Bay

B & Aj

Hi B & L, My advice is, 'just keep coming!' Lol...
Trevor, Henderson. 21/07/2020


Heyo Chloe & Carl, I had a lot of fun on Tuesday . So good to be back. Pity only that I missed you guys. I liked the open mixture of people that night. It was good to have both, couples and single guys (I think I was the only single woman). As a single, it is nice when other singles are there to make contact easier. But it is also nice to meet couples as I like to be with women. Looking forward to Sunday!
S (CC) 30/06/20

S (CC)

The YNZS event was my first venture to CCK as a single woman and I was quite nervous. But the atmosphere was amazing, the decor and layout spectacular as always and I felt very safe and respected the entire time I was there. The hospitality was excellent and the drinks delicious! As an aside - I love the safety reason behind the pink condoms, but would suggest getting a different colour next time! Best regards
C, Auckland 28/06/20

C, Auckland

Hi Carl and Chloe, Can you please print this letter prompted by last week's letter from newbies J&k from Howick. You'll recall that they were so afraid of being seen by someone that might know them that they put off going to the club. I just want to say to these people and to others who carry the same concern is, 'relax and don't worry'. We're long time regular guests, live in Herne Bay and have been coming fairly regularly now for 12 years. (Including under the previous management). We went through exactly the same as J & K and procrastinated driven by the fear of being seen at the 'naughty club'. I'm in a high profile business. Well, the good news is that only once did we see someone who knew us and he was there with some other people. It was him that was worried not us! He shouldn't have been concerned because we all buy into concept of ' what happens at the club, stays at the club' It's a fantasy place, we wouldn't even recognise people we'd met at the club if we crossed paths at a supermarket! Anyhow, if you think about it, 1.650 million people in greater Auckland and 70 at the club the chances are miniscule! Again, relax and have fun Cheers
B& J. Herne Bay - 24/06/2020

B& J

What can i say, i absolutely enjoy going to CCK events, fantastic club, spotless, stylish, and the owners are classy and super friendly. Thanks for last night at young NZ swingers event, we had a blast, full house, met few lovely and friendly couples and singles, and thanks for the yummy nibbles. I always look forward to attend on the weekends... this place is so addictive. See you soon !
T, Auckland 23/06/2020

T, Auckland

Hi Carl and Chloe, I just had to report in. You'll remember you chatted to the 2 'newbies' from Howick Friday night. That's us. My wife and I have been talking about coming to CCK for what seems like years but we've been reluctant in case we come across people we know. 'J', (my wife), is a teacher and I'm in business with ten staff. The idea of either of us or both of us being 'outed' by staff, customers or anyone else at the club was enough to keep us well away. Then came Friday night, out for dinner and a wine or three and guess who wanted to go? J! Well, I'm delighted to report that we both just loved the experience. We were mostly voyeurs and that was hot in itself however we did venture into the tent briefly with 'new friends'. Just to say, we loved your classy but friendly venue and will be back. I think we can overcome the concern of being seen after all so 'thank you'
J & K, Auckland 17/06/20

J & K

Hi guys We had a great time at NY and although new to the scene you have made us feel very welcome and comfortable. We just wish you had something in Wellington or Christchurch as well! Keep the standards up is all we can say as we went to the only other club down here a few weeks ago and ran for our lives after 10 min – awful, no dress standard and accordingly some really revolting people were allowed in. It was really off putting and had we gone there first instead of your club we would never have tried it again.
Regards S & D

S & D

Yes we really enjoyed ourselves at your New Years eve party. Top of the list one of the best new years we have had. This was our first visit to your club for New Years and we are already talking about freeing up time for the next one. Experience wise, as always it is what you make it and we always make sure we have a good time no matter what. With out a doubt you have a top class venue with awesome staff to match. All the best for this year and we hope to be back as soon as we can.
Thank you and kind regards T & T

T & T

Hey Carl and Chloe. I know it’s always nice to get feedback, and it’s nice to give it too. So a big thank you from us for creating a special night, your warm greetings and customer service were the commencement of an awesome experience. We hope to see you again soon.


Thanks for your Kiwi Hospitality last night… We loved the environment you guys have created. Beautiful, sexy and fun…..
Kind regards, D & C

D & C

Hi Guys Thanks for a great start to 2018!!! We both had a wonderful night. Lovely people to talk to, great service and fantastic atmosphere. We enjoyed the mix of ages and the no pressure pleasure and are still smiling a week later.
See you soon G and T

G and T

Hi Once again the best venue in the country provides a fantastic new years event. We had a blast, this was our 4th in a row and we think one of the best. Very well run, no hassles and a great fun night. An awesome time love the place we will be back during the year and def for next new year again.
Cheers M and L

M and L

So we make it, lovely flashing signs at the door, lovely hosts welcoming us in and giving the full lay down of the premises, phones were handed in, id's confirmed. Then a tour was given, a live tour! The tour alone was so stunning we said thankyou after being shown our lockers and got stuck straight into it haha, Mrs was loving the whole atmosphere, safety, and fun that was being had, Mr was just so curious yet shy as this was our 1st time in such a place, cut to the chase shall I, great fun was had to the point we will return and return, safe, NSA, beautiful people, very friendly and inviting 🙂
Thanks. S & T

S & T

From the minute we set foot in your establishment we were at ease, especially as we didn't know exactly what to expect at our first visit to at an adult club. Your professionalism and attention to detail surpassed our expectations. We enjoy our visits thouroughly as it allows us to unwind, reconnect as a couple and enjoy uninhibited adult fun. Thank you for your care and dedication to a high standard experience. We look forward to many more fun filled evenings.
Q & C

Q & C

Thank you for looking after us on Friday night,it was the first time for both of us and you made us feel really relaxed and welcome. As you said theres no pressure and there are very nice respectful people who support the lifestyle.We were very surprised we were not the only "newbies" there and we met another very nice couple with same interests who hopefully we will be meeting there this weekend.Can you please put us on your email list and again thank you from both of us.
G & T 🙂

G & T

Hi Guys, Just wanted to say we had a FANTASTIC time at your club. The hosts and staff were so friendly and we felt very comfortable!! We did check out another club in Auckland but yours is hands down the best!!! Well done!!
Thank you D & V

D & V

Thank you for a wonderful night last Saturday we both really enjoyed it and thanks for making us feel welcome and introducing us to some nice people. Best birthday he has had and will be back very soon.
A & R

A & R

Thanks for a great night on Saturday. It was our first visit in a while and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Love the environment of the club 🙂 It was a pleasure meeting you both and we look forward to coming back (hopefully not so far into the future).
Regards, R & A

R & A

My wife and I attended CCK for the first time last Friday. The hosts, Chloe and Carl, made us feel very welcome and the other guests we met were all very friendly. Although we were very tentative at first, by the end of the evening we were getting into the "swing" of things! A fantastic night! We will be back soon.
Out of town couple.

Out of town couple.

I attended your club with my lover on Friday night and enjoyed myself thanks very much. I would love to be added to your email list to be notified of upcoming events etc. I may not be able to get there as often as I would like but will certainly try. Thank you for making me feel welcome.
Thanks so much A


Thank you so much for a great night on Saturday - for us it was our first time and you guys made it just so easy to mix in and feel part of it - thank you to the couples we met who welcomed us and yes we will be back on friday night - please can you add us to your mailing list -see you then many thanks again.
Y & G

Y & G

Thank you for being such lovely hosts. I look forward to attending again soon.
Regards Miss Erotica

Miss Erotica

We attended saturday night and had a great time, thanks for the intro and a wonderful nite.We will be back soon
Thanks. p


Living out of Auckland we visit when we can, glad to see the place "pumping" as ever.Thanks and please place us on your email list.


Just a note to show our appreciation and a big thank you for last Saturday night.We didn’t realize that you were so busy with so many lovely people. It was our first time but will not be the last. We were a bit worried as we were both only mid 20s and just been engaged but to our surprise we were amongst people our own age and experience. We loved getting dressed up and laughed at the girls playing in the cage. We will be back on Friday as now we have a lot more confidence and he wants to play in the tent again only on the condition that im aloud in the swing Lol. Thanks for you hospitality and wee tour as we both appreciated it being our first time.
Thanking you so much Stu & Wendy

Stu & Wendy

Hi Chloe & Carl. As single girls and newbies to your club on Saturday night, we just wanted to thank you for an incredible experience. From the moment we walked in the door we felt pampered, safe and totally at ease. The atmosphere was intimate and the people were lovely; it was like catching up with a bunch of old friends. Thank you for making our evening memorable, we look forward to seeing you again soon.
T & J, Auckland.

T & J

Last week we paid our first visit to CCK and immediately felt very welcome. Chloe and Carl were both fantastic hosts showing us the ropes... and other toys too. 🙂 The club itself has a great feel to it, it's stylish without being ostentatious and is definitely not in the least bit sleazy. This is a really good place to meet some like-minded people who are not filled with inhibitions. It felt very natural and relaxed getting off ourselves and then with other people. Give it a go. You'll be pleased you did.
A and S

A and S

A quick email of thanks for the hospitality you showed my fiancé and I during our first visit to CCK on Saturday. Although a quiet night by your standards it was a beautiful occasion for us. We really appreciated the generous support we got from some of your regular guests. We will aim to visit Auckland and CCK again soon.


We have been now, taken the plunge,we did feel nervous for 2 mins walking in the driveway and then we felt amongst friends, no pressure and you can just sit at the bar and watch the fun... if you are even just curious it is worth the try. We did and we are converted - yahooooooooo please email us. many thanks CCK see you again soon.


We have been quite a few times over the last few months, and we too would describe it as an upmarket club. It is very clean and tidy, and one always feels safe there.We have been on Friday and Saturday nights, there seems to be a slightly younger crowd on the Friday nights which suits us.All in all we recommend CCK to anyone.
A & A

A & A

Had a great time on Saturday night ... but was in Lala land at the end ... We hope to be back Mid June ... looking forward to it .Regards B & H attended saturday night and had a great time, thanks for the intro and a wonderful nite.
We will be back soon thanks. p


What a fantastic place! Hubby talked about going, after a few "chats" we visited last weekend. I/WE had such a great time, we really enjoyed it, what an amazing fun place. We can't wait till this weekend!!!


What a fantastic night! We had an awesome time and loved the atmosphere. Carlos and Chloe you are great hosts and I am sure the club will prosper. We will be back for visit no. 6 soon!
J and C

J and C

Thanks for a good night Wednesday and making us feel good - we just loved it and thank you for the intros to the other likeminded people. Caio


Thank you for last weekend - was our first time and we appreciated everything.Please put us on your email list and we will be back this weekend,maybe a wee bit earlier this time.
S&J - Hamilton


Thank you for making our night a treasured one on our first night to your club - Maz and I appreciated the relaxing atmosphere and kindness of you both to make us feel welcome,we will be back next time we are in town (2 weeks) We both look forward to it.
Maz & Tommy

Maz & Tommy

We decided to head to the Club on our short holiday from South Australia. Upon entry the hosts were friendly and gave a reassuring tour around the venue. The Club is classy and to our delight full of very sexy couples across various age ranges. We had an amazing night of play and made some great connections for future trips. We highly recommend this Club as the best in NZ and we cant wait for our next trip over!
Cheers...S and S Australia

S and S

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for last Saturday evening It was a completely new experience for us and you made us feel very welcome your club has a very relaxing atmosphere and the people there are very welcoming and friendly we had a great evening and will look forward to our return Thank you for the information that I asked for by email it made the whole experience a lot easier, see you again soon.
Cheers C & S

C & S

We were the first timers! Let me start by saying what a fantastic club you run very professional and inviting! I would like to thank you for the time you took to take us around show us the club and explain the in's and out's of the place After only a short time we both felt at home enough to have a little fun in the swing and explore some of the pleasure that can only be best enjoyed in the environment the club creates. Once again thank you for a good night and we hope to see you again on the 18th.
Regards. L